7.8 Il Ponte has the right to control the source of the payments it receives and to refuse payments from people other than the Buyer. 11.6 Please note that the lot marked with "#"symbol has been imported under a temporary artistic importation licence. Urania: edizione integrale. "Prima edizione", “rarissima a trovarsi perchè fu stampata in un numero limitato di … Contiene la biografia e il saggio inedito “Dell'equivalenza manzoniana” (Italian Edition) eBook: Manzoni, Alessandro, Ferraris, Enrico: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store La forza sol de l'arti vostre il puote. Recar le Muse. E blandamente gli sorride in volto, 2.5 At its own discretion, Il Ponte has the right to exclude anyone from participating in the auctions; in particular, Il Ponte may refuse to allow any potential buyer who has not previously fulfilled his obligations to Il Ponte, even by way of compensation, to participate in the auction. I bei precetti ad avverar del Padre? Pindaro rispondea, « cura dei vati Ma stagion lunga ancor volta non era, Tal su i cori cadea rorido, e l'ira È nei riposti Corinna assurse: il portamento e il volto Ethnographic & Indigenous Artifacts (1098), Greek, Roman & Egyptian Antiquities (197), Historical, Political & Space Collectibles (1017), Natural History Collectibles, Fossils & Minerals (1316), Sporting, Fishing & Hunting Collectibles (1422), Indian & South Asian Art & Antiques (408). The shipping may be carried out by a carrier hired by Il Ponte, in accordance with the instructions of the Buyer, or hired directly by the Buyer, depending on the agreement between the parties. Con alta fronte passeggiar l'Offesa Da la bocca di lui scorrea quel dolce E il suader potente. Join Facebook to connect with Noemi Urania Manzoni and others you may know. Di tutti i mali andar curvata e cieca Calliope fu che fra i mortali accorta Pénztárnyitás és Emeleti kávézó: Az első előadás előtt 30 perccel. Alessandro Manzoni - Urania ... Pervenne al testo definitivo che pubblicò con una prima edizione nel 1827. Placabil mai de gl'Immortali alcuno Detti, dal ciglio e da le labra rise Primo le desti, e ad illibate fonti 8vo (230 x 150mm). The responsibility of verifying possible restrictions on movements and/or on export of the lot of interest or the adjudicated lot, that is any licence or certificate provided for by law in Italy and in the country of destination, shall be borne solely by the participants to the auction and the Buyers, as well as any formality and legal requirements provided for by law in the matters of movement and/or export of the adjudicated lot, and Il Ponte shall be expressly exempted from any obligation and/or responsibility. Compungea gl'intelletti, e di giocondo - 5 years from the withdrawl of consent for treatment with a consensual basis; Tacque, e porse la cetra: indi rivolta, Korm. 4.4 Il Ponte, in allowing potential buyers to raise bids, will take into account both the Reserve Price and the other bids, so as to attempt to sell the lot for which a written bid was submitted at the lowest possible Hammer Price. 1.2 These Terms and Conditions of Sale may be modified by means of a notice posted in the auction room or via an announcement made by the auctioneer before the auction begins. Al grato pellegrin l'ombra prepara. - by email: info@ponteonline.com; L'utile Dea. Poser le Dive; e quando a la latina Il cammin sacro omise. Il devio passo Noemi Urania Manzoni is on Facebook. - no more than 72 hours, relative to the treatment of images of the Egyes források az 1893-as évet jelölik meg az építkezés kezdeteként, mások 1895-öt, az azonban biztos, hogy mulatónak, azaz korabeli kifejezéssel élve, "orfeumnak" épült. The independent Italian classical Label since 1998 If your bid is a successful bid, the Buyer irrevocably agrees to pay the full purchase price including buyer's premium and all applicable taxes and other applicable charges. Inonorata La mia città le favolose mura, 2. Raggio di gioia le diffuse in fronte: 4. It is not the intention of the Data Controller to transfer the data object of this letter to a third country or to an international organization. The work consists of a dialogue between Urania, muse of astronomy and the poet Pindar in which it is concluded that it is thanks to the virtue and beauty of the arts that men have reached civilization of the Italian Legislative Decree 22 January 2004 no. The sale is subject to the condition precedent that the relevant Ministry exercises the right of pre-emption within sixty days of receipt of such report, or within a period greater than one hundred and eighty days, pursuant to Article 61 paragraph II of the Urbani Code. Di lodi un serto in pria non colte or tesso; In the event the lot has been the subject of a declaration of cultural interest prior to its sale, the Seller will report the sale to the competent Ministry pursuant to Article 59 of the Urbani Code. Tal su gli aerei gioghi sorvolando, The independent Italian classical Label since 1998 E troppo omai le Dire empio governo 8.2 Il Ponte does not undertake the obligation to arrange for shipment of the lot sold, which must be collected by the Buyer in Milan at the offices of Il Ponte in Via Pontaccio 12 or in Via Pitteri 8/10 (depending on where the auction was held), within 10 days following the day the Amount Due is paid. By participating in an auction via the Web Site and/or the Platform, the bidder agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Sale applicable to the sale and these Terms. Tacito, e tutto d'odorata nebbia Tu le insegnasti ad emular la madre, 4.2 The Form shall be sent to Il Ponte at least 24 hours before the start of the auction: either i) by fax to +39 02.72022083 (for auctions organized at the Il Ponte offices in Milan, Via Pontaccio 12) or ii) to +39 02.36633096 (for auctions organized at the Il Ponte offices in Milan, Via Pitteri 8/10), or iii) by sending an email in pdf format to info@ponteonline.com (or the email address of the relevant department of Il Ponte provided on the Website or in the auction catalogue), in all cases the required documentation specified in the Form must be enclosed; in case of failure to provide the required documentation, Il Ponte guarantees neither the participation of the potential Buyer in the auction nor that it will accept the bids indicated in the Form. Half-title, title and 10 text leaves (light stains). The transfer of risk to the Buyer expressly exonerates Il Ponte from any liability regarding the fate of the adjudicated lot as well as in the event of damages, theft, fire, destruction of loss of the lot itself (partial or total). Il lungo duol de le Virtù neglette Donar, le Grazie il dilettar donaro Competing Bids All sale room notices and announcements form part of these Terms and the Terms and Conditions of Sale. 9 am to 1 pm; 2 pm to 6 pm, for the offices in Via Pontaccio 12; 9 am to 1 pm; 2 pm to 5:30 pm for the offices in Via Pitteri 8/10, in both cases excluding public holidays in Italy); Movea, nè pria de' sensi ebbe ripresa Farsi de l'ardue menti aprir le porte: 1810 - A Parteneide 1812 - L'innesto del Vaiolo 1814 - Aprile 1814. 5. E di Giove il voler non s'adempìa. Onde sì ratto Il mio rossore? Bids submitted in writing L'umana stirpe: del rapito foco 3.3 Immediately after the successful bid, the Buyer shall sign a sale report. For this purpose the company will collect the consent with electronic and /or written modalities. Di lor, che a terra ancor tenea il costume, E il bel rossor con che tremando al seno Bid now on Invaluable: MANZONI, Alessandro (1785-1873) - Urania. 9 am to 1 pm; 2 pm to 5:30 pm (excluding public holidays in Italy). Chi fu che volse le propizie cure ICRAITRR950; Beneficiary: Il Ponte - Casa d'Aste Srl. The shipping may be carried out by a carrier hired by Il Ponte, in accordance with the instructions of the Buyer, or hired directly by the Buyer, depending on the agreement between the parties. 02 2829389, mail: privacy@programmastudio.it. Potential buyers and successful bidders expressly waive the benefit of all warranties pursuant to Articles 1490 and 1497 of the Italian Civil Code, exempting Il Ponte from any responsibility. Di Giove il cenno le inviò. In any event, it is understood that any declaration of cultural interest (or even just the commencement of the related procedure) that should occur subsequently to the adjudication of a lot shall not invalidate or nullify neither the adjudication nor the obligation of payment of the total amount due and, in general, the purchase of the lot. Del fatal giovanetto le immortali; Già la mia reggia il tornar vostro attende. 2. Menti il Diletto, e ne la palma alzata These Terms are in addition to (and do not replace) the above reproduced Terms and Conditions of Sale, whose definitions will be referred to in these Terms. Campi invano additava, a cui per anco Il Ponte shall be entitled to retain any advanced payment made by the Buyer. Di tutta luce biondeggiò l'Olimpo. 4.5 Il Ponte is not responsible for any errors made by the potential buyer in completing the Form. Non fa motto ed aspetta. 8.5 At the express request of the Buyer, Il Ponte can arrange, at the Buyer's expenses and risk, for the packaging, transport and insurance of the lot, subject to prior notice and written acceptance of the Buyer in relation to the relevant expenses. V'ammorzava quel canto, e dolce, in vece, 13.1 Regardless of the issue of a certificate or an export license under Article 68 et seq. Il Ponte's responsibility Seller means any individual or company owning the lot offered for sale by auction by Il Ponte. Il Ponte reserves the right to refuse or revoke permission to bid online via the Web Site and/or the Platform and to remove bidding privileges during a sale. Ma la fragranza de' castalii fiori, Scola e conforto de la vita, in terra Di certo in Manzoni agisce la forza del testo evangelico, narrazione della morte di Cristo («Et inclinato capite tradidit spiritum», Io 19, 30) ed è interessante però notare come anche la «serena accettazione della morte»61 che pervade il testo leopardiano si modelli sulle tracce di una proba- bile memoria biblica. Vengan le Grazie; e senza voi men bella ' L'anima tua è da viltate offesa? ' perché tanta D'umana forma il dio; Mirtide fassi, Perch'ei non pianga; un tal divino riso, La schiera dia ne l'opra affaticarsi. Dolce qual tibia di notturno amante, E promiser vendetta. Sotto il tremolo rezzo, esercitando In this event, Il Ponte shall have in any case the right to receive the payment of a penalty corresponding to the double of the purchase commissions that the defaulting Buyer should have paid, as well as to possible further compensation for greater damages. Delivery: please refer to Clause 8 of the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Che fanno l'opra de l'ingegno eterna, 42 (Urbani Code). La signoria, che verdeggiar la fronda E la rapita lode 1.8K likes. Ei riconobbe, e di terror, di lieta Az Uránia története. 6.1 Il Ponte will give notice on its Website (at least 24 hours before the auction starts) and/or in the auction catalogue if bids can be made online, via the Website or sites operated by third parties. Processing tools and data storage methods In-8 (mm. E quei gli occhi giraro, e vider tutta » Personal data will be processed by the Data Controller as well as by employees and collaborators authorized to process the data. During the period provided for the exercise of the right of pre-emption, the lot cannot be delivered to the Buyer, pursuant to Article 61 of the Urbani Code. Maraviglia compunto, il prezïoso Contemporary binding in coloured boards. Quale a l'ara de' Numi allor che il sacro 1. Consiglio il Padre accolse; ed: « Assai, disse, 3. Ebbe, o Pindaro, Urania. Figli di Pirra: d'amor santo indarno Da lor sol vien se cosa in fra i mortali Finally, the interested party is informed that the Data Controller has set up a great variety of security measures to protect data against the risk of loss, misuse or alteration. 9 Transfer of risk Del gaudio mista e del pudor la fiamma. Ma d'Orcomene, ove le Grazie han culto, A l'orecchio di lui, ma non veduta, 4.3 Written bids will only be accepted if rounded to a multiple of ten; otherwise, Il Ponte will consider the offer as being rounded down to the nearest multiple of ten (for example, a written offer of € 238.00 will be considered by Il Ponte as a bid of € 230.00). Vicina 17.) 2.1 Bids for the purchase of lots may be submitted in person in the room during the auction, in a written offer before the auction begins, by phone or via the internet (in the latter case only if the specific auction admits this possibility). In the event of inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions of Sale and the "Additional conditions for the submission of online bids", the latter shall prevail. - for 10 years (ten years) from the conclusion of the contractual relationship, 5.7 Telephone conversations during the auction will be recorded. Ovunque un Genio a quella Furia opporsi, Vital pioggia di luce ancor non beve, 1.7 Neither Il Ponte nor its directors, employees, contractors or consultants shall be liable for acts or omissions relating to the preparation or conduct of an auction or for any other matter relating to the sale of the lot. Following a famous classical theme, this poem exalts the civilizing function of poetry, represented by the Muses sent to earth by Jupiter to urge humanity out of its feral condition. I. Alessandro Francesco Tommaso Antonio Manzoni (UK: / m æ n ˈ z oʊ n i /, US: / m ɑː n (d) ˈ z oʊ n i /, Italian: [alesˈsandro manˈdzoːni]; 7 March 1785 – 22 May 1873) was an Italian poet, novelist and philosopher. By placing an online bid via the Web Site and/or the Platform, you accept and agree that bids are final and that you are not allowed in any way to amend or revoke it. View the profiles of people named Noemi Urania Manzoni. Le azzurre penne s'agitar sul tergo, Pindaro li cantò. Dirò da prima; indi i celesti accenti Stette la Diva, e de l'alunno al core Il padre, Pietro, è un nobile dal carattere chiuso e ombroso. Neither Il Ponte or any member of its staff will be able to issue any sort of valid guarantee. Payment and Delivery Commiser d'odi, e volser prone al peggio L'egro mio spirto consolar col canto. Rapisse il lauro la minor Corinna; 2.4 Where a dispute arises concerning the successful bid, the lot may be withdrawn from the auction - at the sole discretion of the auctioneer - or relisted for auction on the same day (in this case, the bids relating to the lot made previously will no longer be taken into account). 8.1 The lot will be delivered by Il Ponte to the Buyer only after receiving full payment of the Amount Due (unless otherwise specified as referred to in the Italian Legislative Decree no. The estimates published in the catalogue are expressed in Euro: the starting price for the auction and the Hammer Price (i.e. Aglaia in pria su la virginea gota Su le populee rive e sul bel piano Da le insubri cavalle esercitato, Ove … Inclita schiera di Virtù (chè tale video surveillance. Alessandro Manzoni - Opera Omnia >> Urania ilmanzoni testo integrale brano completo citazione delle fonti commedie opere storiche opere letterarie in prosa e in versi URANIA POEMETTO. TISZTELT KÖZÖNSÉGÜNK! The lack of conformity must be reported to the Seller within two months of the date on which it was discovered, otherwise the guarantee is voided. The buyer acknowledges and accepts that in the event of elimination of the lot, he will not be entitled to proceed to legal actions or promote any complaint before the authorities, against il Ponte, which is therefore free of any liability. 01481220133, fully paid-up share capital of Euros 34,320.00 (Il Ponte) allows online bids through the web site www.ponteonline.com (Web Site) and/or web sites of third parties (Platforms). E cresce in selva, e il gentil ramo eccede Il Ponte will accept only bids equal to or higher than 80% of the minimum estimate indicated in the catalogue with respect to the lot for which the bid is submitted. ICRAITRR950; Beneficiary: Il Ponte - Casa d'Aste Srl. - he has the right to withdraw the consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing performed on the basis of the consent given prior to the revocation, as well as the right to place a complaint with a supervisory authority. 6.4 In case of participation in the auction and bids submissions carried out by means of platforms and/or websites different from Il Ponte Live platform (for further information reference shall be made to the website www.ponteonline.com) an additional commission corresponding to 5% of the Hammer Price will be applied, as well as the commissions and expenses provided for by these Terms and Condition of Sale. Gran parte abbranca di terreno, e mille Chè dai passi primi MANZONI, Alessandro (1785-1873) - Urania. Invidïata vide in su le nere Legatura della fine del sec.XIX in cartoncino rigido. The following Additional Terms and Conditions of Sale for Online Bidding (Terms) apply to online auctions where Il Ponte - Casa d'Aste s.r.l., based in Milan, via Pontaccio 12 (20121), VAT no. © 1986-2021 Invaluable, LLC. Elegge or voi. 10 Counterfeiting Che le Dive sorelle osa insultando La prima stilla d'armonia ti scese? È di gentile, e sol qua giù nel canto La divina Armonia, che con le molli The granting of a license or a certificate for import does not guarantee the issuing of a license or certificate for export, and vice versa. 8 Delivery and collection of the lot 1. Mentre lieto al suo piè movea tumulto, Lo spontaneo Perdon che con la destra Il bel consiglio di Calliope tutte » Che guata impaurito, e già sul ciglio Terms and Conditions of Sale 7.6 The following credit cards are accepted: American Express, Diners, Visa and MasterCard. Se culto 3.1 To participate in the auction in person, it is necessary to have the appropriate numbered paddle, which is issued by the staff of Il Ponte at the registration desk, upon filling in the auction registration form and upon exhibiting the identity document of the potential buyer. 14.3 The Seller is liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery of the product and that becomes apparent within two years of that delivery. » Payment can be made exclusively by the owner of the credit card. Su le brage stridenti erran le fiamme, Tu de l'ira maestro e del sorriso, A lui di figlio non negò. 7.9 Pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree no.231/07 and subsequent amendments and additions and in full compliance with the provisions of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code) and EU Regulation 2016/679, Il Ponte will require from all customers the data necessary to the fulfilment of the obligations of adequate verification of the Customer and of the beneficial owner. 5.2 The Form must be sent to Il Ponte at least 24 hours before the start of the auction - by fax to +39 02.72022083 (for auctions organized at the Il Ponte offices in Milan, Via Pontaccio 12) or to +39 02.36633096 (for auctions organized at the Il Ponte offices in Milan, Via Pitteri 8/10), or by sending an email in pdf format to info@ponteonline.com (or to the email address of the relevant department of Il Ponte provided on the Website or in the auction catalogue), in all cases enclosing the required documentation specified in the Form. 7 Payment In any case, Il Ponte shall not be held responsible for any obligation or guarantee regarding the good outcome of the pertaining application. Queste implora coi voti, ed al perdono Aver le Muse io crederò? 7.3 3In the event of failure to pay or delay in payment by the Buyer, in whole or in part, of the Amount Due within the aforementioned imperative time-limit Il Ponte has the right to terminate the sale contract pursuant to Article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, by giving simple written notice. 7.3 3In the event of failure to pay or delay in payment by the Buyer, in whole or in part, of the Amount Due within the aforementioned imperative time-limit Il Ponte has the right to terminate the sale contract pursuant to Article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, by giving simple written notice. It is possible to ask questions, send information, request assistance or file complaints to Il Ponte: Che a le Dire fea guerra. In lunga notte Novo propose esperimento. The process for making a bid through the Web Site and/or the Platform is a one-step process; the bid is sent as soon as the bidder clicks the relevant button and it is final. Before using any such object of a sold lot, it is best to have any electrical system therein certified by a qualified electrician, as Il Ponte shall not assume any responsibility in these regards. Questa lira al tuo canto, a te sovente In the space for "reason for payment" (causale), please provide your full name and the invoice number. L'egregio vinto si sottrasse, e solo A le Vergini il Padre; e questo ad elle 1.3 Il Ponte acts as agent of the Seller and is exempt from any responsibility in regard to origin, condition and description of the lots included in catalogues, brochures and any other illustrative material. 5.3 Following the receipt of the duly completed Form, Il Ponte will contact the potential buyer at the phone number indicated in the Form before the sale of the lot for which the potential buyer intends to make telephone bids. Al divino atto commossa Il Ponte, its administrators, employees, collaborators or consultants, shall not be held responsible for mistakes or omissions included in the aforementioned descriptions and/or representations. A l'entrar de la selva, e sovra il lembo Un giorno al fine 8.6 In the event of death, disqualification, incapacitation or termination, for any reason, of the Buyer, duly notified to Il Ponte, it is agreed that Il Ponte will deliver the lot on the basis of an agreement between all the assignees of the Buyer or in compliance with the procedures established by the judicial authority. Sul verde clivo onde l'aeria fronte 01481220133, fully paid share capital of Euro 34,320.00 (Il Ponte), acting in the name and on behalf of the Seller as agent with representation of the same, except for the cases in which Il Ponte is the owner of the lot. E tu le bende e il manto Mover mai danza o moderar convito. Dolor ti duoli », proseguia, « deh! 7.1 In the event of a successful bid, the Buyer shall pay the Hammer Price of the lot to Il Ponte, in addition to a buyer's premium of 25% (if the auction was held at the saleroom of Il Ponte in Milan, Via Pontaccio 12) or 35% (if the auction was held at the saleroom of Il Ponte in Milan, Via Pitteri 8/10) of the Hammer Price (in both cases VAT shall be included if applicable) in addition, to the payment of any other amount due to Il Ponte under these General Terms and Conditions (see also § 6.4) related to the lot sold (Amount Due). Urania. Romito opaco, ove talor le Muse, 14.4 With reference to the definition of "lack of conformity", please refer to the provisions of Article 129, paragraph II, of the Consumer Code. Uranio Lyrics: Le stelle sono punti solo che li uniamo / I problemi sono scuse solo che le usiamo / Il tempo muta in peggio come con l’uranio / Non dico che partiamo però non torniamo / Ogni cosa In case of refusal to provide the requested data, the holder will find it impossible to perform the contractually provided services, due to fact and fault of the Customer concerned. Rara seconda edizione degli Inni sacri di Alessandro Manzoni (La Risurrezione, Il nome di Maria, Il Natale, La Passione) che segue la … The lack of explicit references concerning the lot conditions in the catalogue shall not imply that the asset is without imperfections. Korm. Vede la schiva i mille, e ad un sorride. Nel suo trepido cor contiene il grido, Important information for potential buyers : whalebone, crocodile, ivory, coral, turtle), regardless of their age or value, may require a permit or certificate before export, and/or additional licenses and/or certificates for importation into non-EU countries. Le vien l'Offesa: al tacit'arco impone 3 voll. The auctioneer has discretion to vary bidding increments for bidders in the auction room and on the telephones, but bidders via the Web Site and/or the Platform may not be able to place a bid in an amount other than a whole bidding increment. Su la vedova terra il sole invia, Mentre nel folto de la selva al guardo 42/04 and also in the matter of the right of pre-emption of the Government; reference shall be also made to § 11.4 of these Terms and Conditions of Sale). Nemesi, e quando inesaudito il vede, Divo Alighier, le fosti. La Fatica mirar, che gli ermi intorno In this event, Il Ponte shall have in any case the right to receive the payment of a penalty corresponding to the double of the purchase commissions that the defaulting Buyer should have paid, as well as to possible further compensation for greater damages. Lene Talia, le modulasti il canto. Sparse un fulgor di rosea luce, e un mite Manzoni, Alessandro - Vita e opere (5) Appunto di Italiano su Alessandro Manzoni che nasce il 15 Marzo a Milano. Che provasti, o mortal, quando sul core 9.1 A purchased lot is entirely at the risk of the Buyer starting on the earliest of the following: (i) the date the Buyer receives the lot purchased, or (ii) the date the Buyer pays the Amount Due for the lot; if none of these events takes place, the transfer of risk will in any case have effect after the ten (10) day-period of the sale has elapsed. - for the purposes established by the current anti-money laundering legislation (the Italian Legislative Decree 231/07 and subsequent amendments).

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