Nothing to see here just a media outlet casually instructing it's 10 million followers on how to commit a federal crime. Le Bras Freres had won a £5million contract to repair the wooden and lead spire. Indeed, the museum has several areas named after Roosevelt, including Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall, the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda and Theodore Roosevelt Park directly outside. Le fiamme hanno avvolto il tetto e la guglia è crollata “Creativity is an act of love that can knock up against our most foundational beliefs, and in doing so brings forth fresh ways of seeing the world. La flèche à la pointe de l’édifice s’est écroulée une heure plus tard. Notre-Dame has stood tall above Paris since the 1200s. “To watch as the cathedral was devoured by the flames inspired me with a deep sadness. Ce qu'il faut retenir. Fire officials believe it was started accidentally, Reuters reported. You have two groups, one on one side, one opposite, for the rope beneath the pointy bit and the rope 1/3 down. OK because this is twitter I need to clarify: PLEASE DO NOT PULL DOWN ACTUAL ANCIENT EGYPTIAN OBELISKS that was not the point of this thread. Notre-Dame de Paris : après des heures de lutte, « l’ensemble du feu a été éteint » par les pompiers. It has given its name to one of the country's literary masterpieces. Paris public prosecutor Remy Heitz said his office was “favouring the theory of an accident”. Le sinistre a soulevé, mardi, une vague d'émotion en France et à travers le monde. The Queen would have seen the Notre Dame Cathedral on her state visit to Paris in … A century old statue of George Washington was toppled & set on fire with an American flag. En apprenant la nouvelle, la maire de Paris Anne Hidalgo, a déploré « un terrible incendie ». One year after a fire nearly destroyed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the cause of the blaze remains a mystery. Here’s a rough schematic. Sul posto diverse squadre di vigili del fuoco e di soccorritori. When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted. A fire started in the late afternoon on 15 April in one of the most visited monuments of the French capital. Can someone please show this thread to the folks there. #antifa #BlackLivesMatter, Portland wakes up to see what antifa did overnight. The move comes as antifa leftists and BLM agitators continue to target statues nation-wide, having already pulled down statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Francis Scott Key, and Christopher Columbus among others. While the world watched aghast as the medieval cathedral was ravaged during the Holy Week of Easter. Paris: Investigators suspect an electrical short-circuit was the most likely cause of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire, according to a French judicial police official. — (@WillClone4Food) June 24, 2020. Dem radicals are trying to destroy American history. Un incendie a éclaté à Notre-Dame de Paris, ce lundi, peu avant 19 heures. The incident was reported to the Care Quality Commission. You can unsubscribe at any time. La catedral de Notre-Dame, icona de París i exponent màxim de l'art gòtic, ha patit aquest dilluns un devastador incendi que ha acabat amb part de la seva estructura i ha sumit França en un estat proper a la commoció. Notre Dame fire likely caused by electrical short-circuit, investigators believe. More than 400 firefighters battled the flames to save the main structure and towers. I have worked in Egypt for 20 years and know a lot about ancient Egyptian architecture. NOTRE DAME is at risk of collapsing completely if winds in Paris get too strong, according to the engineer who had previously warned about the fire hazard within the cathedral. Incendio Notre-Dame, quali sono le cause? “It’s very important to note that our request is based on the statue, that is the hierarchical composition that’s depicted in it,” said The museum’s president, Ellen V. Futter. Le Journal des Arts reports that the coronavirus lockdown and the fact that the remains of the original scaffolding that the fire brought down is still on site has delayed the investigation. Flames and smoke rise from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday, April 15, 2019. Called it. Un incendie s'est déclaré dans la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, a annoncé le porte-parole de Notre-Dame. Donate to me on SubscribeStar here. La cause n’était pas connue dans le milieu de soirée. “It is not about Theodore Roosevelt who served as Governor of New York before becoming the 26th president of the United States and was a pioneering conservationist,” Futter added. Incendio en la Catedral Notre Dame. Actualités, analyses, multimédia. Start by a few practice pulls to get into it. It has become quite literally, bad religion run amuck.” Cave declared. Investigators believe the fire which took hold of the historic building in Paris on Monday was caused by an electrical fault, Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz. A major fire erupted at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday. Its once honourable attempt to reimagine our society in a more equitable way now embodies all the worst aspects that religion has to offer (and none of the beauty) — moral certainty and self-righteousness shorn even of the capacity for redemption. The cause is under investigation, though extensive renovations had been ongoing. “As far as I can see, cancel culture is mercy’s antithesis,” Cave urged. The roof has completely collapsed, witness John Dickas, an American professor living in Paris, told ABC News. April 16, 2019 - Demorou 182 anos a construir e manteve-se durante oito séculos, Mas em menos de duas horas, a Catedral de Notre Dame em Paris ficou em ruínas, com futuro incerto, depois de um incêndio assolar o famoso monumento. April 16, 2019 - Han surgido promesas de cientos de millones de euros para ayudar en la reconstrucción de Notre-Dame luego que el fuego causó graves estragos al edificio 850 años, destruyendo el maderamen medieval del techo, la aguja y partes de la bóveda de piedra situada debajo. The cause of the fire is unclear at this time. Our. Dai sistemi anti-incendio al cantiere, ecco cosa non ha funzionato Le cause non sono ancora chiare ma sembra si sia trattato di un incidente. Why aren’t the police arresting these criminals? image copyright EPA. As we reported earlier this week, police opened an investigation into the devastating blaze - questioning a firm of “Cathedral Restorers” to establish how it started. 400 pompiers étaient à l’œuvre et 18 lances à eau ont été sorties. The singer, known for an eclectic musical catalogue ranging from punk rock to lovesick murder ballads, expanded on his opinion, noting that “Cancel culture’s refusal to engage with uncomfortable ideas has an asphyxiating effect on the creative soul of a society.”. Monument parmi les plus emblématiques de Paris, la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, en proie à un incendie ce lundi, est aussi l’une des plus célèbres de France. Lundi 15 avril au soir, un incendie s’est déclaré dans les combles de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. Investigators think an electrical short-circuit was the most likely cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, a police official said this afternoon. “I felt it was up to me to go beyond myself to fulfil my mission and put into place what I was trained for. “Right now, we’re living through a societal revolution against racism in almost every form. PULL AS ONE, PAUSE 5 SECONDS, you'll notice some loosening, keep up the pattern…you may need more people, get everyone to pull! Moins de 24 heures après le terrible incendie qui a ravagé la cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Paris, des théories du complot fleurissent déjà sur les réseaux sociaux. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. The reasoning behind the move according to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, is that the statue, which features Roosevelt on horseback, with an African man and a Native American man at either side, could be construed as representing a “racial hierarchy”. So, say, a 20 ft tall monument, probably 60 people. The Notre Dame fire delayed Mr Macron’s long-awaited plans to quell anti-government protests that have marred his presidency. ALSO PLEASE DO NOT PULL DOWN WASHINGTON MONUMENT. La catedral de Notre-Dame de París és la catedral de l'arxidiòcesi de París (), situada a l'est de l'Île de la Cité, envoltada per l'aigua del riu Sena.La construcció començà per iniciativa del bisbe Maurice de Sully el 1163 i s'acabà el 1245. After advising to “Use chains, not rope,” Sung then lays down some safety instructions such as “It’s also important that everyone wears gloves,” and remain a “safe distance away from the statue,” or “Get the fuck out of the way” as she so eloquently puts it. The massive blaze, which is now extinguished, knocked down the cathedral's spire. As the video below documents, in the days after the fire, BuzzFeed ran a fake news hoax denying that Muslims had celebrated the fire, despite evidence of this being manifestly provable. Think of it like a paused tug of war, pull, wait 2, 3, 4, 5 PULL wait 2, 3 4,5. Without mercy society grows inflexible, fearful, vindictive and humourless.”. Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images, In a statement, the museum said “The statue was meant to celebrate Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) as a devoted naturalist and author of works on natural history. Large crowds have begun to gather around the scene. Retrouvez plus d'infos sur le site Sputnik France Notre Dame cause of fire established after devastating blaze. Un incendie a ravagé la cathédrale inscrite au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité le 15 avril 2019. It may be difficult to dismiss such elegantly expressed opinion, however hardcore leftists will no doubt found a way, likely by dredging up something from Cave’s distant past and immediately calling  for his cancellation! Singer Nick Cave has denounced cancel culture and political correctness as “bad religion run amuck” in a thoughtful and insightful post in which he opines how society is being eroded by a lack of mercy. Notre-Dame cathedral was just minutes away from being totally consumed by the huge fire that destroyed its roof and spire, the French government said on Monday night. I posted a video from Facebook showing users with Islamic names reacting to the burning cathedral with thumbs up and smiley face emoticons. Some members of the crowd began to sing hymns as the cathedral burned. — Xavier dela Cruz ✍ ⚔️ (@delaCruXavier) June 24, 2020. Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet//